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Compliance Services

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While in US waters, the regulatory framework within which the maritime community must “navigate” is complex and often burdensome. Owners and Operators of vessels, marine terminals, and offshore facilities, face heavy civil penalties and potential disruption to their businesses, and even criminal prosecution if they violate US law enforced by the USCG and other governmental agencies.

Added Depth with New Compliance Team Members

To better serve our clients and the maritime industry,
IMC have added Timothy CloseAndy Norris, Steve Carlson, and Liam O’Connell, to our distinguished team of marine professionals. Their broad and varied experience in senior-level commercial shipping and USCG positions has considerably strengthened our service offerings.

IMC also assists clients with audits of their operations and through educating and/or training company personnel.
We aim to identify and rectify potential problems, so risk-minimizing measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of future non-compliance.

We apply a three-pronged approach to keeping our clients in compliance with US law and regulation:



  • Act as a Third-Party Auditor or Court Appointed monitor to deliver environmental compliance audit services meeting Department of Justice requirements for Owners/operators obligated to comply with an Environmental Compliance Program mandated by a US court. [more]

  • Auditing services for Owners/operators who wish to participate in a voluntary Environmental Compliance Program. [more]

  • Planning and auditing services for vessels and facilities to comply with the provisions of security regulations
    (33 CFR 104, 33 CFR 105). [more]

  • Review company Safety Management System and related policies, procedures, and equipment in place to assure regulatory compliance, correct non-compliance, and prevent future non-compliance.

  • Provide Pre-Certificate of Compliance inspection audits to assist vessel Owners/operators in identifying and correcting problems before they occur. [more]

  • Assist Owners/operators with ensuring their compliance with USCG ballast water management regulations. (33 CFR 151). [more]

  • Prepare requests for Owners/operators to extend installation dates for ballast water management systems required under USCG regulation. [more]


  • Assist vessel Owners/operators — and their representatives — in responding to USCG and/or Department of Justice investigations regarding potential or alleged MARPOL/APPS violations.

  • Serve as “turn-key” project coordinator for situations requiring multi-disciplinary, cradle-to-grave solutions, such as marine salvage, wreck assessment, monitoring, and removal, etc.

  • Act as Owner’s representative in North America to liase/correspond with USCG and other governmental agencies when issues arise.

  • Assist Owners and underwriters in responding to emergency situations, including USCG, NTSB, and Flag State investigations.

  • Conduct or assist with post-casualty investigations.

  • Provide expert witness testimony and technical support.



  • On-board and shore-based environmental compliance training for vessel and company personnel.

  • Workshops and presentations to vessel and company personnel regarding MARPOL and other regulatory compliance-related topics.

A few recent examples of our work include:

  • Supported vessel Owners and legal counsel during intensive investigations by USCG and DOJ into alleged MARPOL violations.

  • Served as Court Appointed Monitor on behalf of the Department of Justice to verify compliance with an Environmental Compliance Program involving a large fleet of vessels trading worldwide.

  • Performed terminal audits on behalf of a major oil corporation to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and make recommendations for improvements.

  • Assisted Canadian corporation seeking to engage in seismic operations in US coastal waters comply with all federal and state regulations.

  • Evaluated the operations and procedures of a ship repair facility to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

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