Our Locations

IMC began in Southport, CT and is now headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL and has additional strategic locations around the North American coastline and in South America. Together these assure prompt, cost-effective response throughout the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America.


1  Head Office (Southeastern Seaboard)
    500 NE 25th Street, Suite 10, 

    Pompano Beach, Florida 33064


2  Northeastern Seaboard
    Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine


3  Mid-Atlantic Region
    Philadelphia, PA

4  Southport, CT (New York Region)
    2425 Post Road, Suite 101, 

    Southport, CT 06890
    +1- 203-256-1000 (available 24/7)

5  Eastern Gulf Region

    Houston, TX 

    +1- 281-480-4260

6  Western Gulf Region
    Bank of America Center, 

    700 Louisiana Street, Suite 3950, 

    Houston, TX 77002


7  Pacific Region, Canada and U.S.

     2111 Parkway Boulevard, 

     Coquitlam, BC Vancouver V3E3K5





8  Brazil

     Rua Cruzeiro do Sul, 168 Condominio Haras       Sao Luiz Santos SP CEP, 13329-132 Brazil


9  Argentina

     Barrio Palermo Capital Federal, 

     Buenos Aires, Argentina



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