Our Locations

IMC is headquartered in Southport, CT and has additional strategic locations around the North American coastline and in South America. Together these assure prompt, cost-effective response throughout the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America.


1  Head Office (New York)
    2425 Post Road, Suite 101, 

    Southport, CT 06890
    +1- 203-256-1000 (available 24/7)

2  Northeastern Seaboard
    Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine


3  Mid-Atlantic Region
    Philadelphia, PA

4  Southeastern Seaboard
    500 NE 25th Street, Suite 10, 

    Pompano Beach, Florida 33064


5  Eastern Gulf Region

    Houston, TX 

    +1- 281-480-4260

6  Western Gulf Region
    Bank of America Center, 

    700 Louisiana Street, Suite 3950, 

    Houston, TX 77002


7  Pacific Region, Canada and U.S.

     2111 Parkway Boulevard, 

     Coquitlam, BC Vancouver V3E3K5





8  Brazil

     Rua Cruzeiro do Sul, 168 Condominio Haras       Sao Luiz Santos SP CEP, 13329-132 Brazil


9  Argentina

     Barrio Palermo Capital Federal, 

     Buenos Aires, Argentina



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