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Legal Consulting

Independent Maritime Consulting, LLC offers a low-cost alternative to typical law firm rates for those in need of marine claims support. Combining IMC’s technical claims expertise with the decades of top-tier experience from its preferred team of maritime counsel, managed by Patrick Lennon, IMC Legal Consulting is designed to provide lean, responsive, and effective assistance to our clients. Our coast-to-coast coverage is matched by the breadth and depth of our experience.

IMC Legal Consulting’s team includes a variety of in-house attorneys including Patrick and Kevin Lennon, as well as former United States Coast Guard Captains and JAG officers. Few organizations bring such diversity to the table without charging typical law firm rates.

Our service offerings range from a single fee review of a claim or issue, to complete maritime claims investigation and oversight, as well as demurrage and debt recovery services. When legal services are required, but law firm hourly rates are excessive or unnecessary for an issue, IMC Legal Consulting is the solution.


Primary Services 

IMC Legal Consulting 1 Fee:
For a flat fee of $750, IMC Legal will provide a basic review of your claim, defense or business issue. Avoid unnecessary fees and instead pay an inexpensive, one-time fee for advice for those matters not requiring the full services of a law firm. 

Marine Claims Investigation:

For larger and more complicated issues, IMC Legal Consulting can provide the assistance needed to bring your matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

In need of case management and analysis? IMC Legal will handle investigation, evidence collection, and the range of services that law firms would typically provide, but at a much lower price. 

Allow IMC Legal Consulting to be your single point-of-contact for claims oversight and management. We will handle the on-the-ground details and report back to you. Streamline the process of claim investigation, management, and review, and save significant money in the process.

Maritime Technical Expertise:

Any time you require the expertise of a maritime professional or lawyers directly involved in the industry, turn to IMC Legal Consulting. From reviewing employment disputes, sale and purchase agreements, and commercial contracts, to dealing with environmental claims and corporate and partnership structuring, we will tailor a low-cost solution that fits your needs.

No Legal Advice or Attorney-Client Relationship
IMC Legal Consulting is not a law firm and receipt of services provided by it and Patrick Lennon (a licensed attorney in New York and Connecticut) does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. 

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