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Providing a specialized service in all

matters related to Maritime Infrastructure and Mechanical Handling Equipment onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

Working in areas of technical analysis, design, 
inspection, planning, and risk.





With a background in maritime structural design and analysis and the full gambit of traditional engineering consultancy, the Maritime Civil Engineer has the experience and knowledge base to provide complete assistance in property-related incidents and projects.


The full lifecycle of a maritime infrastructure project breaks down into parts, all of which are essential in the maritime community:


  • Beginning with studies such as logistics, risk, concept, feasibility, and costing.

  • Preliminary and detailed technical design and analysis.

  • Construction-related works be it preparing scopes and specifications, tender and bidding preparation, and evaluation, to supervising contractors and sub-contractors works.

  • The latter stages include ongoing stakeholder engagement and condition assessment or incident investigation.

  • Which leads to starting the cycle again at appropriate studies, design, and construction.


With extensive experience worldwide in maritime infrastructure, we can assist in all areas of the life cycle, with a strong focus on condition assessment, risk, claims resolution, costing, and technical nuances.


Our extensive experience relates to structures including Lock Gates, Bridges, Rail Systems, Paving and Storage Areas, Marinas, Floating Pontoon Systems, Bulkheads, Docks and Piers and Jetties, Fender Units and Mooring Systems, Pipelines, Marine Loading Arms, Conveyor Loading Equipment, Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes and many more.


The primary services offered include:


  • Property Damage Casualty Response – Nature and Extent of damages to maritime infrastructure.

  • Condition Assessment – Loss prevention, understanding risk, repair or maintenance planning, due diligence study, feasibility assessment for operations and vessel berthing.

  • Mooring and Fender Analysis and Studies – Capacity, integrity, due diligence, risk based.

  • Review of structural components and capacities.

  • Costing studies for maritime infrastructure.

  • Natural Disaster response damage assessment.

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation evaluations.

  • Construction supervision and monitoring activities.

  • Dive inspection supervision, scoping, evaluation, and interpretation.

  • Expert Witness – Providing opinion on cause, nature and extent of damages, scopes of reasonable repairs, opinion on elements of betterment and depreciation.

  • Claims and Disputes Support – Understanding maritime construction and infrastructure, assisting with interpretation, quantification, preparation of supporting documentation, and providing guidance on dispute avoidance and resolution.

A few recent examples include:


Dock Damage Casualty Response (P&I) – Assisting client to survey and inspect a dock damaged because of a vessel allision.  Performing preliminary assessment of damages and reporting on nature and extent to appointing party.


Claim Support – Continuing support to insured reference dock damage with review of proposed repairs, communicating with dock owners on appropriate scope of repairs, tendering process and repair works monitoring to keep insured updated and informed.


Risk Based Study and Costing Exercise – Performing document review and remote survey for maritime assets, performing risk assessment highlighting areas of concern, and performing probable costs of repair / replacement associated with risks identified.


Mooring Analysis and Berthing (Fendering) Study and Assessment – Perform mooring analysis for a berthing vessel to understand appropriate mooring configuration for specific environmental conditions and in line with industry best practice.  Looking at fender units and capacity for berthing of vessel.


Natural Disaster Response – Earthquake damage assessment to facility infrastructure and storage/paving area.


Expert Witness – Acting as an expert witness relating to damages to the vessel as a result of inappropriate design and maintenance of a dock structure, negatively affecting the vessel.


Mechanical Handling Equipment – Client support for damages to marine loading arm and transfer hoses, reviewing technical specifications and maintenance program, reviewing deterioration and repairs.


Dive Surveys – Preparing a scope of work for divers to perform underwater assessment, identifying appropriate divers, preparation works, supervision, and reporting findings.

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