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Expert Witness & Litigator Support Services

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Are you in need of expert opinions on maritime issues for depositions, subpoenas or litigation? IMC can spot and address important aspects of proceedings that might be missed without our broad and deep industry knowledge.


We have the technical expertise and situational insight to provide verbal and written evidence for everything from accident investigations to dispute resolution -- in court or remotely, on behalf of government, commercial or private clients.

Finding the Right Expert Witness

Whether conducting marine investigations, advising clients on the merits of cases, crafting strategies, or litigating or arbitrating difficult cases, maritime attorneys know that having the right expert can be essential to a successful outcome. Locating experts with the necessary qualifications and qualities can be time consuming and frustrating.


IMC’s team of marine surveyors and consultants is increasingly engaged as experts by maritime attorneys throughout the USA and Canada. After many decades of supporting attorneys and their clients in a wide variety of marine casualties and disputes, our experts have established reputations for excellence and honesty, decisive qualities in a court room or arbitration hearing.


When IMC are called upon to assist with identifying a nautical expert with relevant experience in a particular field, our clients can rely on our knowledge and extensive network to locate and recommend an expert anywhere in North America. Even if the expert recommended and selected is not drawn from within IMC’s team, we will leverage our industry knowledge and relationships to locate the right expert for your needs. 


We strive to become The Firm of choice for maritime attorneys seeking to locate and retain well qualified experts.

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