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Bespoke Marine Recruiting

IMC’s recruiting staff draws on many years of industry experience to provide a broad range of services across North America, from our offices in Connecticut, Houston, Florida, and Vancouver, BC. 

 In-house technical, commercial, and legal recruiting experts bring unparalleled depth of experience and insight to meet the needs of our maritime clients. Services include managed or contingency recruiting, executive search, pre-hire candidate assessments, new employee integration reports and much more.

Recruiting in the Maritime Industry — A Specific Niche

Finding the right candidates to fill a position can be very difficult and time consuming. Many companies rely on recruiting firms to locate, vet, and recommend well-qualified candidates for open positions. Recruiters are motivated to achieve quick results, casting a wide net for potential candidates, but they may lack relevant industry experience or have significant time constraints due to the volume of cases they are tasked to handle.


The IMC recruiting team’s wealth of industry experience and contacts is an invaluable benefit to clients. We truly care about the companies we represent and the candidates we locate. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their needs and apply equal diligence to vetting candidates for their businesses. Our in-house expertise in performing sophisticated assessments ensures that we’ll find the perfect match between a client’s needs and the qualities of the candidates we offer. We do not present candidates that we do not believe truly worthy of consideration.


IMC's Bespoke Marine Recruiting offers a different, personalized approach to finding solutions for each client – and we deliver real value for our clients.


Rather than gamble or waste time with large, faceless recruiting firms, let IMC employ its decades of experience and find the right person for the job. We are interested in long term relationships based on mutual trust and loyalty, so we will not let you down.

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