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Considering participating in the P&IQ course? Here is my story!

As part of the IMC team (Independent Maritime Consulting | Our People), I was asked if I was interested in undertaking the P&IQ course, and my response was a resounding yes! Two of the more philosophical tenets I live by are that we are always learning and can continue to develop and better ourselves; secondly, seize the opportunity when presented. So that leads me to how I got into the P&IQ course, an industry-led and curated course to develop individuals in the shipping business and provide a qualification demonstrating the knowledge of the industry.

The world of shipping and maritime insurance is vast, constantly changing, and complex. Here are the module titles in the course to give you an idea of the range of topics covered:

Module 1: The Shipping Business

Module 2: P&I Insurance History, Operation, and Practice

Module 3: Underwriting, Loss Prevention, and Claims Handling

Module 4: People Risks

Module 5: Cargo Risks

Module 6: Collision, FFO & Pollution

Module 7: Towage, Salvage, General Average & Wreck Removal

Module 8: All previous modules combined

Navigating this industry successfully requires a deep understanding of its inner workings. The P&IQ course, established by the International Group of P&I Clubs, is a fantastic way to expand existing knowledge or gain a fresh perspective if you're new to the industry. This article reflects on my experience thus far and how it already benefits our clients, IMC, my colleagues, and myself.

As evident in the module listing, the course commences with an introductory module offering a broad overview of various aspects of the shipping industry. Don't dismiss this "introductory" module offhand. Though I have many years in the industry, I learned new things from this first module!

It was clear from the start that the course would be challenging and rewarding, requiring the thorough reading of the provided textbook and knowledge retention to pass the 75-question exam (and don't forget that the final module, module 8, is a written test of all the prior modules content).

The first module has been an educational voyage, expanding my horizons and deepening my understanding of the maritime industry. It was more demanding than anticipated but equally challenging and intriguing. It filled gaps in my knowledge and shed light on areas I seldom encounter in my work.

I took the initial practice exam without much prior reading, serving as a reality check that exposed areas where I needed to improve. Through diligent study, my performance improved significantly with each subsequent practice exam.

One valuable learning tool I discovered was the audio playback that came with the online materials. This multi-sensory approach, combining audio with reading, enhanced my understanding and information retention. Additionally, I found the physical textbooks, along with digital texts, to be invaluable for those who prefer reading physical books.

The benefits of the qualification are already evident. Module one is more than just a tick-box exercise; it provides a wealth of intriguing information that expands my existing knowledge, including insights into cargo trade routes, relationships between different parties in the industry, and the evolution of global and localized regulations and laws. The course has enriched my capabilities in correspondent work, consultancy, and expert witness – services critical to our clients.

What happened next? I passed the first module exam and am now enthusiastically preparing for Modules Two and Three.

Based on my experience with the first module, I believe this continued learning journey is achievable and will provide valuable insights into the shipping industry, benefiting our clients, IMC, my colleagues, and myself. This journey requires time and commitment, but I am keen to see it through. After reading this, I hope you too will consider this exciting and beneficial qualification.

In conclusion, my experience with the P&I Qualification has been positive, challenging, and rewarding. I encourage fellow professionals considering this journey to embrace the challenge. The knowledge and skills you'll gain will undoubtedly enhance your career and your client services.

For more information about the qualification, check out their website:

To learn more about our services, visit our website:

Please feel free to contact me with any queries regarding my journey or to discuss how our services can assist you. I look forward to sharing more about my experience with the remaining modules.


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