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Lindsay Elliot Joins the IMC Team!

Lindsay has been a Registered Nurse in Connecticut for the last 15 years, focusing mainly on critical care and emergency nursing. She has worked in several hospitals in Fairfield county; Stamford Hospital's cardiology unit, code team and critical care float team, St. Vincent’s Medical Center in the emergency department and currently in Danbury Hospital's emergency department, both as a Staff and Charge Nurse.

Lindsay has also dedicated her time to helping children diagnosed with type one diabetes and their families through their first year living with the disease She provides continued support and education even for the staff in the hospital to keep diabetic patients safe. Her passion for critical care, patient safety, emergency medicine, and love of nursing drives her continued education about the newest medical science and information so that she may give the best care possible to her patients and their families. As a Charge Nurse, Lindsay leads a 65-bed emergency department guiding physicians, nurses, medical technicians, ancillary staff, patients and their families through diagnosis, treatment and disposition. The IMC-3M team is incredibly excited to have her as we continue into our third year of offering this service. Check out Lindsay's bio and resume here.

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