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IMC have considerable experience supporting
marine yacht underwriters, yacht owners, and attorneys
specializing in this segment
of the market.

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Whether an issue relates to a Megayacht, yacht tender, or personal injury, our team of yacht specialists and maritime attorneys rapidly respond to almost any type of casualty or problem anywhere in the USA, Canada or Caribbean.

IMC’s Yacht Services team, led by Jonathan Klopman, Mark Bentley and John Stenvik, is regularly called upon to support owners or managers of yachts, their H&M and P&I underwriters, and maritime attorneys, in attending to all manner of yacht-related casualties.
The varied professional backgrounds of our team members, coupled with our expansive network of yacht-specialist consultants, enables us to effectively respond to nearly every kind of situation.

The primary services offered are:

  • Rapid Casualty Response, including salvage and mitigation efforts

  • Hull and Machinery Surveys

  • Coordinating and overseeing repairs

  • P&I Surveys

  • On board investigations into accident causation, and personal injuries

  • Environmental liabilities due to pollution or other environmental damages

  • Assistance in dealing with USCG and other agencies on regulatory and compliance issues

  • Expert witness and litigator support services to maritime attorneys 

  • Crew claims and injuries

A few recent examples of our work include:

Hurricane Response – Assisted managers and H&M underwriters of a fleet of over 450 luxury yachts heavily impacted by a category 4 hurricane in the BVI. This involved initial triage and stabilization efforts for the fleet, detailed assessment of damages, coordination of repairs, salvage, transportation and safe environmental disposal of heavily damaged yachts, arranging for sale of CTL yachts, coordinating removal of wreckage and debris to the satisfaction of port authorities. The project required active involvement from 11 IMC team members over a period of several months in an infrastructure-ravaged region, hindering communication and limiting accommodation. 

H&M Survey – Responded to grounding of a Superyacht in Florida, evaluated damages and monitored repairs in the Bahamas. 

P&I Survey and Claim Support – Investigated collision between yacht and fishing vessel. Evaluated damages and liabilities. Engaged in settlement negotiations.

Yacht Owner – Supported yacht owners and legal counsel in investigating and reporting on causation of a capsized yacht.

Crew Injury – Assisted the Owners and underwriters of a super yacht by providing appropriate medical assistance to a seriously injured crew member. Corresponded with various medical service providers in monitoring and controlling treatment costs and audited invoices.

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