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Over two decades, IMC’s team of Hull and Machinery (H&M) and Loss of Hire (LOH) specialists has grown to 12 professionals, strategically located in or close to major port areas. 

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Before coming ashore, our team members accumulated extensive seagoing experience on all types of vessels, in ranks up to and including Chief Engineer and Master. They have worked as Class surveyors, Marine Superintendents, naval architects, repair marine service specialists and claim consultants.

IMC are listed by several major international H&M underwriters as correspondents. Our surveyors regularly respond to H&M casualties throughout the Western Hemisphere, including Central and South America, the Caribbean and Canada. We stand ready and travel anywhere in the world in response to difficult casualties.

IMC’s H&M team is lead by David Smith, Mark Bentley and John Stenvik. In addition to our in-house team of H&M specialists, IMC has developed an extensive network of trusted sub-agents who supplement our capabilities and extend our coverage. Our H&M claims team includes experienced maritime attorneys and former senior-level USCG officers. This blend of seagoing, technical, legal, and commercial claims handling expertise allows IMC to respond effectively to any kind of a marine casualty. 

The primary services offered include:

  • Rapid Casualty Response

  • Hull and Machinery Surveys

  • Loss of Hire Surveys

  • Towage Approval Surveys

  • Coordination and oversight of salvage and re-floating operations

  • Coordination and oversight of repairs

  • Commercial claims handling

  • On board investigations into accident causation

  • Reconstruction of collisions, groundings, allisions, etc., utilizing custom state-of-the-art software to process and present AIS data

  • Expert witness and litigator support services to maritime attorneys 

A few recent examples of our work include:

H&M Survey – Surveyed damage to numerous vessels suffering engine damage due to off-specification bunkers. Coordinated and carried out exhaustive investigations into causation.

LOH Survey – Surveyed damage to vessel with severe steering gear and rudder problems. Closely monitored mitigation efforts and progress of repairs.

Dock Damage – Evaluated extent of damage to vessel and dock following an allision. Coordinated assessment of claim from dock owners and negotiated settlement.

Hurricane Response – Investigated root cause of vessel breaking free from shipyard dock. Assisted Owners and H&M underwriters of a newly-constructed vessel, which had grounded and became partially flooded, in coordinating salvage, mitigation of damage, and repair efforts. 

Claim Support – Conducted comprehensive investigations into incident involving contact between a vessel and an overhead power cable. Issued security in the form of an LOU. Evaluated claims and engaged in settlement negotiations.

Towage Approval Survey – Produced thorough pre-towage approval survey.

Shipyard Assessment – Performed detailed inspection of a shipyard to evaluate and report potential risks in advance of a major vessel refurbishment project.

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