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IMC have ushered in a sea change to the challenge of attending to mariner illness and injury. Our new service dramatically improves the medical care mariners receive, streamlines the process for vessel owners and P&I clubs, all while achieving substantial cost savings.

We offer a single-source solution to the currently fragmented “status quo” approach to medical treatment, invoice auditing, case management, and mariner repatriation. Our unique team includes compassionate and expert physicians, nurse care managers, medical escort specialists, and seasoned commercial correspondents. 

When mariners require medical attention and IMC are called in, we coordinate every aspect of the process, ensure the mariner is appropriately and adequately treated, and do so all at our commercial correspondent billing rate. As with all P&I correspondent work, this service is available to our clients 24/7.

Cost Control

Research shows that the combined number of P&I claims related to crew illnesses and injuries exceeds every other claims category. The overall cost of such claims has been found to comprise 24% – 25% of the total claims paid. The IMC team’s efficient, care-focused philosophy underpins a new “best practice” way to manage this significant exposure to P&I clubs and their members.


IMC Mariner Medical Management takes a holistic approach to crew care that better aligns appropriate care and cost outcomes.

Medical Invoice Review and Audit

Systematic, critically thought-through methods of examining invoices for medical treatment make IMC review and audit practices effective.

Payment Recommendation and Funding  

When the IMC audit team is satisfied the best possible cost outcome has been achieved for its client, the team submits a payment recommendation, including copies of the invoices and appropriate medical records from medical service providers.


Proactive Case Management

IMC’s stream-lined and proactive approach brings the appropriate resources to each case, 24/7. The IMC team has the resources to seamlessly communicate with the vessel’s Master, ship’s agent, CBP, health care providers, vessel owners, Crewing Managers, P&I underwriters and others in a highly efficient fashion that includes:

  • Guidance and decision-making

  • Admissions oversight

  • Ongoing assessment

  • Provisions for longer-term care

  • Return to vessel or repatriation home


Compassionate Care

Sick or injured crew members often feel isolated, anxious, and vulnerable when taken ashore for medical treatment in the U.S. Separation from shipmates and family, concern about medical outcomes and returning to work, language barriers, and the presence of security guards (frequently required by CBP) all contribute to their stress.

When mariners need help, we:

  • Ensure they receive prompt medical care at the appropriate type of facility.

  • Obtain accurate and timely information about their condition, treatment and follow-up.

  • Arrange to get them back aboard the vessel if cleared to do so.

  • Attend to repatriation issues (e.g. customs and border protection procedures) if they are unfit for duty and must return home.

IMC Mariner Medical Management helps mariners get the care and assistance they need. Our unique team includes highly qualified and compassionate physicians, nurse case managers, medical escort specialists, and commercial correspondents. We work cohesively to make, execute, and communicate with our clients about important decisions.

David Smith
IMC Founder and President

David has served vessel owners and their P&I clubs as a commercial U.S. correspondent for 35 years. He is a licensed Master Mariner with 15 years of practical seagoing experience. David is a problem solver, a team builder, and a highly experienced claims handler, well known and respected in the P&I correspondent community. This initiative stems from David’s strong empathy for mariners,and his conviction that they need and deserve a high level of support when they are dealing with an illness around the U.S. coast, or need immediate medical assistance following an accident. David also strongly believes that the very high costs of medical treatment for mariners in the U.S. can be dramatically reduced, providing significant cost savings to IMC's clients, and that the process can be made far more efficient.

Kevin Lennon
IMC Senior Legal Consultant and Claims Correspondent

Kevin has 20 years’ experience as a practicing maritime attorney in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  He is a graduate of West Chester University and Albany Law School, experienced in all aspects of P&I correspondent work, and highly skilled in analyzing and resolving personal injury claims. Kevin has a strong interest in helping mariners and finding effective solutions to the very high level of costs for medical treatment in the U.S.

Douglas Smith, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Smith is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency training in Emergency Medicine at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia.  He is Board Certified by the American College of Emergency Physicians, and sits on the Board of its Connecticut chapter. He currently practices in the state and serves as Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Vermont. As the son, grandson, and nephew of merchant mariners, and a lifelong sailor himself, Dr. Smith is excited to be helping mariners in need of medical attention in North America.

IMC-3M Team



Mariner Medical Management

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