Wolf Schonborn
Senior Marine Engineer/Surveyor

Mobile: +1-954-854-8283


Southeastern Seaboard and Caribbean


Full Resume (PDF)

  • Graduated as Marine Engineer from the German National Marine Engineers College. Formally recognized in the USA as equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Marine Engineering from an accredited U.S. College.

  • Sailed as Third, Second, First and Chief Engineer on ships with large-bore slow speed and medium speed diesel engines, also on vessels with large steam turbines.

  • Participated in the propulsion plant design, engine installation and testing of these at Canadian shipyards for 21 vessels from 15,000 to 45,000 tons.

  • Was instrumental in the design and sale of the largest multiple engine power plant ever constructed, with 82,000 hp by MAN for the Dome Petroleum Class 10 Polar Ice Breaker.

  • General Manager and Chief Engineer for MAN Canada for the design of a 50-megawatt stationary powerplant in Peru.

  • President and Engineering Manager of his own engineering firm in Peru for 16 years, attending marine and power plant installations.

  • Chief Engineer for MAN USA production facility for high speed engines for large yachts and commercial craft, over 1000 engines delivered over a 6-year span.

  • Senior Marine Engineer / Consultant / Surveyor for 9 years with London Offshore Consultant in the USA, handling P&I and H&M claims, specializing in those related to fuel, fires, dry-docking, damage to engines, boilers, propellers, rudders, and acting as expert witness in arbitration cases.

  • Fluent in German, English and Spanish.

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