Liam O’Connell

Senior Compliance Consultant
and Legal Consultant 

Mobile: +1-713-248-1951

North Atlantic Region
Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine

Full Resume (PDF)

  • Key member of IMC’s Legal Consulting team with respect to regulatory (USCG/PSC) compliance issues and environmental (MARPOL/APPS) issues.

  • Suffolk University Law School – J.D.2014 (Concentration in International Law with distinction).

  • Commissioned Officer in the US Coast Guard, serving in both Active Duty and Reserves, with various assignments including Senior Marine Inspector, Officer in Charge, and Reserve Legal Duty Officer.

  • As a USCG Senior Marine Inspector, served as USCG’s Lead investigator for all environmental law criminal investigations in Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana, including five criminal pollution cases; Consulting expert to the US DOJ Environmental Crimes Section for multiple criminal cases; and Trained Coast Guard criminal investigators across the Gulf Coast on case protocols for criminal maritime pollution cases (APPS/MARPOL).

  • As a civilian consultant, served as Court Appointed Monitor, External Auditor, and Third-Party Auditor for various US DOJ Environmental and Enhanced Compliance Programs, conducted numerous ship and shore audits.

  • Admitted as an Expert Witness in federal court, on USCG environmental criminal investigations.

  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy,B.S. 2005 – Marine Transportation. US Merchant Marine Unlimited 3rd Officer Deck License (2005).

  • Sailed as Third Mate and Deck Training Officer onboard Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s United States Training Ship Kennedy, conducted training for 500+ merchant marine Cadets while at sea on navigation, watch-standing, fire-fighting, and lifesaving.

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