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IMC COVID-19 Resource Database

Vaccine Information:


NAMMA Vaccine Resource Site  


NAMMA Donations                         


International Chamber of Shipping Guidelines:

United States Coast Guard:

MSIB 06-20: Vessel Reporting Requirements for Illness or Death.

MSIB 02-20: Novel Coronavirus - Update (Change 3).

MSIB 07-20: Port and Facility Operations.

MSIB 08-20: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Mariner Credentialing Program Impacts - Update #1 

MSIB 09-20: Vessel Inspections, Exams, and Documentation.

MSIB 10-20: Guidance for Maritime Operators on Compliance with Federal Drug Testing Requirements.

MSIB 11-20: Maintaining Maritime Commerce and Identification of Essential Maritime Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19.

COVID-19 Precautionary Practices: MSIB issued for New Orleans, but has practical information for anyone in the maritime industry.


Department of Homeland Security:

CISA Guidance: Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During Covid-19 Response

TSA Guidance: COVID-19 Impact on TWIC Enrollment and Issuance.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Interim Guidance: Managing Suspected or Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus Disease on Ships

Interim Guidance: Coronavirus Disease 2019 Guidance for Ships

Additional Resources:

The American Waterways Operators (AWO) Resource Page: here.

The World Health Organization has also posted guidance of managing COVID-19 cases and outbreaks on board ships. Find that guidance here.

 mental health guidance for seafarers during the COVID-19 outbreak. [Video]

Wilhelmsen's interactive map displaying port restrictions around the world and what those restrictions entail. To access that site, click here.

National Maritime Center's Operational Changes.

TSA extends TWIC Certification during COVID-19 by 180 days. Here.

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