Full Resume (PDF)

  • Bachelors in Science degree, Delhi University, India

  • Master (Foreign Going, Unlimited) license issued by the government of India.

  • Possesses valid management level II dangerous cargo endorsement for oil, gas, and chemical cargoes.

  • 20 years sea going experience including 2 years as Master.

  • Operational experience on parcel chemical/oil and gas tankers, bulk carriers, container vessels, and general cargo vessels.

  • Accredited Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI, Marine) ship inspector for chemical and gas tanker ships since 2012.

  • Accredited Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) IMPCAS Auditor since 2013.

  • Vast experience of transportation by sea, of a variety of different cargoes including but not limited to: wet cargoes, such as acids, cyanides, phenol, propylene, oxide, ethylene, butadiene, LPG, LNG, petroleum, etc. and dry cargoes such as fertilizers , grain, cements, ore, coal, refrigerated containers, hazardous containers, frozen meat, automobiles, animals, etc.

Asim Siddique
Principal Surveyor and Manager

Mobile: +54-911-35161710

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